The renewal process of your Certificate may be carried out before the expiration date of your certificate and as long as it has not been previously revoked.

How can I know when my certificate expires?

The RA will notify you well in advance of the expiration date of your certificate so that you can easily renew it.

What does the renewal consist of?

The renewal consists of three steps that must be carried out in the order indicated:

    Previous considerations and browser configuration. To avoid problems when renewing the certificate, please consult this section at our offices and follow the instructions indicated.
    Request renewal. Make sure you have your Certificate ready on the computer from which you are requesting renewal. At the end of this process we will send you an Application Code that you will need to be able to download your renewed certificate.
    Get the certificate. Using the request code that we have sent to your email account, from here you can download and install your renewed certificate.

You can download the instructions to renew your certificate here: Instructions