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The Government Office of Information and Communication Technologies of the Dominican Republic (OGTIC) is an institution under the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP), created with the responsibility of planning, directing and executing the necessary actions to implement the Electronic Government in the country through the dissemination and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are a set of technology tools that facilitate the processing and transmission of information by electronic means, such as the following: telephones, Internet, interactive television, intranet, among others.

In this section you can use the OGTIC Registration Authority to manage your certificates.

Through this option you can access the request for your new digital certificate

With this option you can request the renewal of any of your certificates that are about to expire.

With this option you can request the revocation of your certificate (for reasons of loss, theft, suspicion of copy of private key, etc.)

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The digital certificates issued are for public use. If you want to search for a specific user's certificate, you can use the following search engine.

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